Capacitance Exercise 6

1. A capacitor is rated at 0.10 µF ± 10%. What is its guaranteed range of capacitance?

2. Suppose three capacitors are in parallel, having values of C1 = 0.100 µF, C2 = 0.0100 µF, and C3 = 0.001000 µF. What is the total capacitance?

3. Suppose two capacitors, with values of C1 = 0.10 µF and C2 = 0.050 µF, are connected in series. What is the net capacitance?

4. Suppose that a capacitor, rated at 330 pF, shows an actual value of 317 pF. By how many percent does its actual capacitance differ from its rated capacitance?

5. Suppose that a capacitor is rated at 33 pF ±10%. Which of the following actual capacitance values is outside the acceptable range?
(a) 30 pF
(b) 37 pF
(c) 35 pF
(d) 31 pF


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