So You Want To Be A Ham

 click to visit PARA WebsitePhilippine Amateur Radio Association (PARA), Inc. conducts an orientation seminar for individuals who are interested in getting into amateur radio.

Date: CLICK HERE (saturday)
Time: 8:00AM (registration) / 8:30AM - 4:00PM (seminar) 
Location: PARA HQ, 4th Flr NTC Bldg., Quezon City

The seminar is also a requirement to be able to secure a Certificate of Attendance before filing for examination.

The venue is good for 100 persons only. Contact the PARA Secretariat to reserve your slot.

Philippine Amateur Radio Association
4F NTC Building, BIR Road, Diliman, Quezon City
Telephone Nos.: 6689125 / 9862740 / 9862741

HF: 7.095 MHz
VHF: 144.740 MHz -600 KHz PL 100
UHF: 434.00 MHz +5 PL 88.5 / 1292.92 MHz -20 MHz PL 88.5

Q. How Much?
A. 200 pesos / 175 pesos (student) "Seminar is free, the amount is for the printing expenses of the Handbook and the Certificate."

Q. What can I get?
A. You'll get a Certificate of Attendance and a Handbook - So You Want To Be  A Ham (must-have)

Q. What's next after I've attended the seminar?
A. You are now qualified to take Class C or Class D Amateur Radio Operator's Licensure Exam
     conducted by the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC).

Special Candidates – A registered Electronics Engineer or a holder of a valid commercial first radiotelephone operator certificate is qualified to hold an amateur Class “B” provided he shall pass the examination for element II without undergoing the examination for Class “C”. Similarly, a holder of a valid first/or second class commercial radiotelegraph radio operator certificate shall be required to pass the examination for element II only.

Q. What are the General Qualifications for Examinees?
A. 1.) A citizen of the Philippine or a citizen of other countries that provide the same privilege
          extended to Filipino nationals in their country as far as examination is concerned.
     2.) At least twelve (12) years old for Class A, B and C. For Class D, the minimum age shall be
          nine (9) years old provided there is an affidavit of parental consent.
     3.) Ability to transmit and/or receive messages either in Filipino, English, or any of the Philippine

Q. How to file an application for Class C or Class D examination?
A. I suggest you to coordinate with the PARA Secretariat for your convenience.

Q. What are the requirements needed to submit in filing an application for examination?
A. For details of the requirements to be submitted, download the Application Form for Amateur Radio Operator's Exam.

for more info, visit PARA Website:

Revised Amateur Radio Regulations (must-read)
REVIEWER Class C Amateur Radio Operator's Exam

ELEMENT II - Rules & Regulations