AG Available gain
α Current gain
b Base electrode
c Collector electrode
Cc Collector junction capacitance
Ce Emitter junction capacitance
e Emitter electrode
E1 Input voltage - 4-terminal network
Eo Output voltage - 4-terminal network
Ebb Battery supply voltage
Ee Emitter bias battery
Eb Base bias battery
Ec Collector bias battery
eb A-c base signal voltage
ec A-c collector signal voltage
ee A-c emitter signal voltage
fc Cutoff frequency
G Operational gain
g11 Small signal short circuit input conductance
g12 Small signal short circuit feedback conductance
g21 Small signal short circuit transfer conductance
g22 Small signal short circuit output conductance
h11 Small signal hybrid short circuit Input impedance
h12 Small signal hybrid open circuit voltage feedback ratio
h21 Small signal hybrid short circuit forward transfer current ratio
h22 Small signal hybrid open circuit output admittance
I1 Input current - 4-terminal network
Ig Output current - 4-terminal network
Ico Saturation current - collector current at Zero emitter current
Ib D-c base current
Io D-c collector current
Ie D-c emitter current
Ib A-c emitter signal current
ib A-c base signal current
ic A-c collector signal current
RB Base series resistor
RC Collector series resistor
RE Emitter series resistor
ri Input resistance 4-terminal network
r0 Output resistance 4-termlnal network
r1 Image matched input resistance
r2 Image matched output resistance
r11 Small signal open circuit input resistance
r12 Small signal open circuit reverse transfer resistance
r21 Small signal open circuit forward transfer resistance
r22 Small signal open circuit output resistance
rb Transistor equivalent base resistance
rc Transistor equivalent collector resistance
re Transistor equivalent emitter resistance
rm Proportionality resistance constant between emitter signal current and resulting voltage signal produced In collector arm
Rg Internal resistance of signal generator
RL Load resistance
W Base junction thickness
VG Voltage gain
MAG Maximum available gain
N-Type Transistor semiconductor with donor type impurities (electron current carriers)
P-Type Transistor semiconductor with acceptor type Impurities (hole current carriers) 

Transistor Basics, Author: Leonard Krugman

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