Inductance Exercise 5

1. Suppose three 40.0-μH inductors are connected in series, and there is no interaction, or mutual inductance, among them. What is the total inductance?

2. Imagine three inductors, with no mutual inductance, with values of 20.0 mH, 55.0 μH, and 400 nH. What is the total inductance, in millihenrys, of these components if they are connected in series.

3. Suppose there are three inductors, each with a value of 40 μH, connected in parallel with no mutual inductance. What is the net inductance of the combination?

4. Imagine four inductors in parallel, with no mutual inductance and values of L1 = 75.0 mH, L2 = 40.0 mH, L3 = 333 μH, and L4 = 7.00 H. What is the net inductance of this combination?

5. Suppose two coils, having inductances of 30 μH and 50 μH, are connected in series so that their fields reinforce. Suppose that the coefficient of coupling is 0.500. What is the total inductance of the combination?

6. Imagine two coils with inductances of L1 = 835 μH and L2 = 2.44 mH. Suppose they are connected in series so that their coefficient of coupling is 0.922, acting so that the coils oppose each other. What is the net inductance of the pair?


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