1).  is the branch of science that deals with the study of flow and control of electrons (electricity) and the study of their behavior and effects in vacuums, gases, and semiconductors, and with devices using such electrons.

(a) Physics
(b) Chemistry
(c) Electronics
(d) Electromechanics

2). According to Ohm’s Law, if the resistance in a circuit remains constant and the voltage across that resistances decreases, then

(a) the current through the resistance increases
(b)the current through the resistance decreases
(c) the current through the resistance reverses direction
(d) the current through the resistance drops to zero

3).The rate at which electrical charge carriers flow is measured in

(a) watts
(b) volts
(c) ohms
(d) amperes

4). A ferromagnetic material

(a) cannot conduct an electrical current
(b) must carry a large current
(c) concentrates magnetic lines of flux
(d)has negative magnetic polarity

5). In order to be considered DC, an electrical current

(a) must always flow in the same direction
(b) must have negative polarity
(c) cannot consist of of charge carriers
(d) must be constant

6). A photovoltaic cell produces-

(a) direct current
(b) triangular-wave  current
(c ) square-wave  current
(d) alternating current
7). The AC voltage of utility electricity can be reduced by

(a) a transformer
(b) a PV cell
(c ) a high- tension line
(d ) an electric generator

8). It is the opposition that a component  or circuit offers to AC

(a) Resistance
(b) Impedance
( c ) conductance
(d ) reluctance

9). It is the reciprocal of  Impedance in AC circuit

 (a) Conductance
(b) admittance
(c ) susceptance
(d ) Reactance

10). The number of times the signal completes a complete cycle in one second.

(a) period
(b) frequency
(c ) voltage
(d) speed
11). are basic electronic element or electronic parts usually packaged in a discrete form with two or more connecting leads or metallic pads.

(a) Electrical components
(b) Electronic Components
(c )Electromechanical  components
(d) all of the above

12).Which of the following does not belong to Passive electronic components  that have gain or directionality

(a) resistors
(b) capacitors
(c ) Transistors
(d ) diodes

13). In 1746-52, he invented and discovered flew kites to demonstrate that lightning is a form of static electricity  and also made several electrostatic generators with rotating glass balls to experiment with. These experiments led him to formulate the single fluid (imponderable fluid) theory of electricity.

(a) Cuneus and Muschenbrock
(b)Ben Franklin
(c ) André Marie Ampère
(d) Charles Augustus Coulomb

14) In (1745-1827) announced the results of his experiments investigation Galvani's claims about the source of electricity in the frog leg experiment and the electromotive force unit was named by him.

(a) André Marie Ampère
(b) Charles Augustus Coulomb
(c ) Michael Faraday
(d) Alessandro Volta

15).In (1787-1854) wanted to measure the motive force of electrical currents .
He waited quite some time to announce "Ohm's Law" because his theory was not accepted by his peers.
The unit for resistance is named after him.
(a) Joseph Henry
(b) George Simon Ohm
(c) James Clerk Maxwell
(d) Gustav Robert Kirchhoff

16). In (1799-1878) was a professor in a small school in Albany, New York. In 1830 he observed electromagnetic induction, a year before Faraday. The unit of induction is named after him.

 (a) Joseph Henry
(b) George Simon Ohm
(c) James Clerk Maxwell
(d) Gustav Robert Kirchhoff

17).In (1791-1867).He postulated that an electrical current moving through a wire creates "fields of force" surrounding the wire. 1821 He built the first electric motor--a device for transforming an electrical current into rotary motion. 1331 He made the first transformer. The unit of capacitance is named after him.

(a) André Marie Ampère
(b) Charles Augustus Coulomb
(c ) Michael Faraday
(d) Alessandro Volta

18. In (1775-1836) in France gave a formalized understanding of the relationships between electricity and magnetism using algebra. The unit of current was named by him.

(a) André Marie Ampère
(b) Charles Augustus Coulomb
(c ) Michael Faraday
(d) Alessandro Volta

In(1857 - 1894) was the first person to demonstrate the existence of radio waves. The unit of period  or cycle per second was named by him.

(a) Joseph Henry
(b) George Simon Ohm
(c) James Clerk Maxwell
(d) Heinrich Rudolph Hertz

20). In(1849 - 1945) made the first diode tube in the year of 1905

a) Joseph Henry
(b) Sir John Ambrose Fleming
 (c) James Clerk Maxwell
(d) Heinrich Rudolph Hertz

21). In (1925 - 1996) Also known as "The Father of the Supercomputer", along with George Amdahl, defined the supercomputer industry in the year 1976.

(a) Joseph Henry
(b) Sir John Ambrose Fleming
 (c) James Clerk Maxwell
(d)Seymour Cray

22). What kind of  electronic circuits are those in which signals may vary continuously with time to correspond to the information being represented. Electronic equipments like voltage amplifiers, power amplifiers, tuning circuits, radios, and televisions.

(a) Analog circuits
(b) Mixed-signal circuits
(c ) Discrete signals
(d) All of the Above

23).A resistor used to control large, non-repetitive, rectifier current is called a

(a) bleeder resistor
(b) current resistor
(c) load resistor
(d) surge resistor

24). The power rating of a resistor is directly related to its______.

(a) size
(b) temperature
(c ) resistance
(d) all of these

25). A wide band on a resistor package indicate that it is a ____________.

(a) carbon-composition
(c ) ceramic
(d) film type

26). What type of resistor has the highest power rating?

(a) carbon-composition
(c ) ceramic
(d) film type

27).What type of resistor has the poorest temperature stability?

(a) carbon-composition
(b) wirewound
(c ) ceramic
(d) film type

28).One precaution in checking resistors with an ohmmeter is

(a) check high resistance on the lowest  ohms  range
(b) check low resistance on the highest  ohms range
(c ) disconnect all parallel resistance paths
(d) check high resistance with your fingers touching the test leads

29).A coil is used to concentrate the ___________  of the current  flowing through it

(a) magnetic  field
(b) electrics field
(c ) both a and b
(d) any oneof  these

30).A capacitor consists of two

(a) conductors separated by an insulator
(b) conductors alone
(c ) insulators separated by a conductor
(d) insulators alone

31).The layer of insulating medium that separates the plates of a capacitor

(a) core
(b) space
(c ) dielectric
(d) arsenic

32). Which electrode in the CRT has the highest  positive potential?

(a) deflection grid
(b) anode
(c) electron gun
(d) cathode

33).The vacuum tube that may be used for rectification

(a) triode
(b) diode
(c ) tetrode
(d) all of these

34).The tube that contains 3 grids is the

(a) triode
(c ) pentode
(d) multielement

35). Which of  the following is not common trouble in capacitor

(a) open
(b) shorted
(c ) leaky
(d) none of these

36).The following resistors  are used in high power circuits except

(a) wirewound resistor
(b) ceramic resistor
(c ) wirewound variable resistor
(d) carbon composition

37). Indicate the false statement about capacitors

(a) open during DC
(b) infinite resistance during  DC
(c) concentrates electric  field
(d) voltage drop is 0 at very low frequency

38). Indicate the false statement about inductors

(a) can be fixed  or variable
(b) a non-polar  device
(c ) zero resistance during DC
(d) used to block DC

39).indicate the false statement about diodes

(a) electron flow is from cathode to plate
(b) current flow is from plate to cathode
(c ) current flows when plate is more positive
(d) direction of current flow is reversible

40).Which does not belong  to the group?

(a) vertical deflection
(b) CRT
(c ) space charge
(d) Red, Blue, Green

41).It is usually used as volume control in radio receivers

(a) trimmer
(b) capacitor
(c) inductor
(d) potentiometer

42).What is the main application of vacuum tube diode?

(a) amplification
(b) rectification
(c ) current limiter
(d) voltage limiter

43).In a vacuum tube ,conventional current always flow from

(a) anode to cathode
(b) cathode to anode
(c ) cathode to ground
(d) plate to ground

44). During AC, inductor is

(a) open
(b) shorted
(c) grounded
(d) any of these
45). What electronic component is used to block or filter out DC signal.

(a) vacuum tube
(b) resistor
(c ) capacitor
(d) inductor

46).___________ is another term for variable resistor.

(a) carbon composition
(b) potentiometer
(c ) ganged resistor
(d) all of these

47). Which of the following is not an application of capacitor

(a) tuning
(b) filtering
(c ) coupling
(d) rectification

48). Which of the following is not a type  of inductor

(a) iron core
(b) air core
( c) variable inductor
(d) none of these

49). An  open coil indicates ________ resistance when checked using an ohmmeter

(a) zero
(b) infinite
(c ) variable
(d) fluctuating

50).When checking an open resistor using a VOM,

(a) the meter should indicate zero resistance
(b) the meter should  indicate infinite resistance
(c ) the meter  should indicate charging action
(d) none of these

51).Which of the following is not a capacitor type?

(a) tantalum
(b) mica
(c ) ceramic
(d) rheostat

52).Determine which of the following  is the best conductor

(a) copper
(b) carbon
(c ) rubber

53).When forward- biased, a diode

(a) blocks current
(b) conducts current
(c) has a high resistance
(d) drops a large voltage

54).Electronic components which are made of a semiconductor material are often called_____devices

(a) solid- state
(b) silicon
(c ) germanium
(d) intrinsic

55).If a reverse voltage  of 20 volts is across a diode, the voltage across the depletion layer is

(a) 0V
(b) 0.7V
(c ) 20V
(d) none of these

56).The term bias means

(a) the ratio of majority carriers to minority carriers
(b) the amount current across the pn junction
(c ) a dc voltage that is applied to control the operation of a device
(d) none of the above

57). What is meaning of BJT?

(a) Bipolar Junction Transistor
(b) Bidirectional Join Transistor
(c) Bipolar Join Transistor
(d) Bidirectional Junction Transistor

58). What is the color code of the resistor having a value of 6,800 ohms and its tolerance of  5%

(a) blue,gray,red,gold
(b) blue,green,red, gold
(c) blue,gray,red,silver
(d) blue,green,red,gold

59).What is the reading of ceramic capacitance having 102 in its body?

(a) 0.001uF
(c) 0.1uF
(d) 0.0001uF

60).Which of the following is not type of active components?

(a) resistors
(b) Transistor
(c) IC
(d)logic gates

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