Electronics Technician Board Exam Reviewer

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ECT Mathematics

RA 9292

Laws & Ethics


Technical Subjects & Laws and Ethics (100%)

Basic Mathematics
Simple calculation and application of Arithmetic, Algebra and Geometry

Ohm’s Law
Calculations for Resistance, Current, Voltage and Power for AC and DC Circuits

Electronic/Electrical Machine or Equipment
Description and operating principles for Motors, Generators, transformers, consumer Electronics appliances, Electronics and Communications Equipment, etc.

Test Equipment
Types and Uses of measuring instruments such as Voltmeter, Ohmeter, Ammeter, Multimeter, Oscilloscopes, Frequency counters, Clamp meter, Capacitance Meter, LCR Meter, EMF meter, Electrometer, Cable tester, Transistor tester, Continuity tester, etc.

Electronic/Electrical Component
Identification, Uses, functions of resistors, trimmer, rheostat, heater, thermistor, varistor, capacitors, varicap, transistors, inductor, Integrated Circuits, Sensors, diodes, fuses, relays, switches, reed switch, thermostat, circuit breaker, limit switch, etc.

Maintenance and Repair
Description of the procedures in the Maintenance of Electrical/Electronic Machinery or equipment.

Philippine Electronics Code

Philippine Electrical Code

Republic Act No. 9292 - Electronics Engineering Law of 2004

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